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During the journey of 25 years “FREEDOM” was focused as a training cum self help co-operative promoting agency working with women folk in this pipli block in puri district of orissa. Other CSOs/Civil society Organisations knows that it is an active development agency whose expression to develop others capacity building & inform on our experiences to them with sharing attitudes and transparency to all.It spreads our messages to thousands of people to be self help with future generation sustainability and accountability in this sectors .

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 Invitation for Silver jubilee
 Odia Rajat Jayanti Book
 Annual Report 15-16
 Audit Report 2015- 2016
 Safe Migration,Puri
 Progress Calender
 Organisation Profile 2015-16
 Feedback & Suggestion
 FCRA Certificate
 Registration Certificate
 NYP Certificate
 Donor Details of 2012-15
 Audit Report 2014-2015
 Freedom Stamped Byelaw
 Final FC-6 Report-15-16
 Audit Report 2016-17


Building self help economic enviornment with collective accountabiity & transparency towards achivement of deprived human rights..

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Civil Citizen action through micro enterprenurship & community owned / managed healthy liveli hood services for better tomorrow .

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Project Goal: To build a society, free from poverty and injustice, where all the people are aware and empowered to ...

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To ensure the marginalized people to have greater access to political, social and economic opportunities in the process of ..

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